Citizen Self-Report Form Instructions


Thank you for participating in the Lane County Sheriff's Office self-reporting program. Although we remain deeply committed to providing our county residents with the best service possible, our current funding has restricted our immediate call response to life threatening situations, in-progress calls and 9-1-1 emergencies. By allowing the Sheriff's Office to record your loss via this form, our limited patrol resources will be better focused on those calls for service which require an immediate on-scene deputy response.

The Citizen Self-Report Form is intended to help document the facts surrounding the crime you are reporting. When submitted to the Sheriff's Office, the form will be reviewed by a Sergeant for clarity, completeness, legibility and crime classification. If your report meets acceptance criteria, it will be processed as the actual report for your incident. It will be assigned a permanent case number and will be maintained as an official document of the Sheriff's Office. You may call our Police Records Unit at 541-682-4141 at a later date to obtain the case number for your records if needed.

This form is primarily used for property crimes and misdemeanor person crimes with or without suspect information. This form IS NOT for reporting crimes such as robbery, assault with serious injury, sex crimes, stolen vehicles, crimes which include the use or theft of firearms, or violation of restraining/stalking orders. If you are trying to use this form to report that type of incident, or you're not sure how your incident should be reported, please contact our Dispatch Center at 541-682-4141 to discuss your situation further.

It is important that all available information be filled in where requested. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR STOLEN PROPERTY. Failure to completely provide the requested information may result in the report being sent back to you for correction / clarification. If the requested information doesn't apply to your case, please write "N/A" in that section. If the information is unknown, please write "UNKNOWN". In this way, we will know that the information hasn't just been overlooked.

In order to help you document your crime fully, please read the following explanations for terms used on the Citizen Self Report Form:

  • WITNESS INFORMATION pertains to a person who not only observed the incident, but has information about the incident even if they didn't see it.
  • CRIME INFORMATION should include the actual location of the property when it was stolen/damaged. Example: vehicle was parked in the driveway, or bicycle was in the backyard.
  • SUSPECT INFORMATION could include suspicious persons or vehicles observed in the area.
  • STOLEN / MISSING / DAMAGED PROPERTY LIST - It is extremely important to list the value or estimated value of each item so we can determine the degree of crime committed. If complete descriptions, identification, serial numbers, and value are not provided, your stolen / missing articles cannot be entered into the local/state/national computer systems which can greatly assist in the recovery of your property.
If you would prefer to print out a form and send it in by mail: Printable Citizen Self Report Form