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ContractProject NameDescriptionBid Recap
0910-06Jasper-Lowell Road (M.P. 2.50 to M.P. 3.00)Grading, Structures, Paving & Guardrail Bid Recap
0910-07AC OverlayEnterprise Road and Little Fall Creek Road Bid Recap
0910-09City of LowellGrading, Drainage, Sewers, Paving, Illumination and Water Wetleau Drive Bid Recap
0910-10Pre-Coated Oil Rock MaterialsVarious Stockpile Sites Bid Recap
0910-11Un-Coated Oil and Sanding RockVarious Stockpile Sites Bid Recap
0910-12Broadway Area Redevelopment, Veneta, OregonGrading, Drainage, Sewers, and Paving Broadway Area Redevelopment Veneta, Oregon Bid Recap
0910-13Shoreview DriveAC Overlay Shoreview Drive (M.P. 0.000 To M.P. 6.526) Bid Recap
0910-14Veneta Transit CenterGrading, Drainage, Paving, Illumination, and Landscaping Bid Recap
0910-152010 Santa Clara AreaSlurry Seal Project Bid Recap
0910-16Irving RoadA.C. Overlay (M.P. 0.064 to M.P. 1.258) Bid Recap
10-MS-50Dust Abatement Material (Lignin Sulfonate)Delivery, CRC Distributor, and Operator Bid Recap
1011-01Hayden Bridge Way LandscapingRoadside Development Bid Recap
1011-03RFP - Sweet Creek Road Retaining Wall ReplacementReplace existing retaining wall on Sweet Creek Road, adjacent to the Siuslaw River. RFP seeks a full service consultant team that can provide environmental documentation, engineering design and construction engineering support services for this project. Bid Recap
1011-04Irving Rd. - Prairie Rd. IntersectionGrading and Paving Bid Recap
1011-MS-51Rock MaterialsMaterials & Supplies Bid Recap
1011-MS-52Liquid Asphalt MaterialsDelivery, CRC Distributor and Operator Bid Recap
1011-MS-53Asphaltic Mix Patching MaterialsMaterials & Supplies Bid Recap
RFPSchool Zone Flashing Beacon SystemRequest for proposal for engineering design, furnishing and installing all materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to complete the work for a school zone flasher system. Bid Recap
W910-02Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings - Glenwood Central Receiving StationProject consists of the general construction services for two (2) new pre-engineered metal buildings, and residing and reroofing one (1) existing structure, located at the Glenwood Central Receiving Station, 3100 East 17th Ave., Eugene, Oregon. Bid Recap